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MG MGB Technical - Braking update...

I posted a thread a few weeks ago about increasing the brake pedal ratio from the stock 4.35:1 up to about 6:1. I did the procedure and made so many other changes since then, I competely forgot about it. I finally got out for a test drive today and didn't think once about the hard brake pedal - because it wasn't there! The brake pedal now has a feel that's best described as half-way between standard and power brakes. I can stop quickly with moderate pressure applied to the pedal - it no longer take both feet! What a great investment in time and $10!
Jeff Schlemmer

Hi Jeff.

Thanks for the update, it is always good to know the result of a thread topic.


Jeff, I agree with Don that it's nice to read about the success/failure of differnt things discussed on the board.

Just in case that there are others, like myself, who missed the original post, here's the link:-

Jeff, any chance of posting some pictures somewhere on the 'net to complete the info available for others who might wish to follow in your footsteps?

Derek Nicholson

So-----Jeff what did you do?
DCM McCullough

Dwight, I cut apart a stock brake box and lowered the mounting position of the master cylinder. I reinforced the heck out of the box by welding in 3/16" plate for the cylinder mount. It required "refabricating" the side of the box for brake pipe clearance, but added approximately 25-30% increased braking force with the same pedal force application. Mith my heavy wheels it really makes a difference!

I'll have my website up soon and I'll have a couple pages dedicated to my "reengineering" mistakes and successes. Hopefully someone will get a laugh or maybe even some helpful information from all of it!
Jeff Schlemmer

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