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MG MGB Technical - Brands hatch guide required

hi everyone, im going to brands hatch this evening for some track time and was wondering if anyone has any advice for the track. ive driven it before but never got my lines right, particularly paddock hill bend. my car is a 68 B GT, 7/8 anti roll bar, stiffer shocks, poly bushed, 4 pot calipers, b-series stage 2 head, 714 cam etc. I found i couldnt get the braking times right and found it hard to keep up with the other cars who were of a lower spec. I tried to find a guide for the circuit but the ones i found were mostly for bikes. Any help would be great!
A P New

The key to paddock is to get the braking done a little earlier than needs be, settle the car then take good spped through it. Check out my in-car vid from Brands this year....

Also, stiffening the rear shocks is not nessesaraly I good idea, if you have telescopics try softening them....

O Neaves

thanks ollie, well im back from brands and had an awesome time! Not many cars passed me and i even got round an alfa romeo 157 and a subaru wrx. i think they were poor drivers ;) . paddock hill was brilliant, got some good speed through it. my rear shocks are standard but fronts are 30% stiffer. ive heard bad things about the telescopics. really enjoyed it, ill put vid up when i get time as im off to goodwood soon
A P New

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