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MG MGB Technical - Brass air rail

BRASS AIR RAIL PLUGS HEAD - Just wanted a ask a quick question - When I purchased the 76 MGB the smog part was already taken off. Now there are two hoses with plugs in them. The hose I'm curious about is the hose that goes to a brass rail that is parallel to the head with 4 mini tubes connected to the engine. Can I take this off and put plugs into the engine block. I saw some on Ebay and want to order - just want to make sure I know what I am doing. Thanks.
FJE Frank

Removing the rail is easy and these ebay items should work well for plugging the holes.
Steve Buchina

FJE,What is the purpose of removing the rail and then plugging them.Why not just pick up a rail and install it.Just wondering.
Rich Osterhout

The rail, if not connected to a functioning pollution control system, is nothing more than engine clutter.
Steve Buchina

Thanks Steve - it's good to get reassurance. I will go ahead and order. The engine will look much better without all the clutter.
Rich, I'm removing the rail because the pollution control system was removed before I bought the car by p/o. One hose has a cork in it and the other hose a metal plug. Just want to clean up the look of the engine.
FJE Frank

Go for it. Buy Brass plugs though. It should be totally removed and plugged instead of having a running car with plugged hoses. You can go to a good auto parts store and get the plugs etc. But ebay and paypal sure do make it easier to pay a couple more dollars, and they are cheap anyway.


You can also use hex drive steel plugs (set screws) that run in flush with the head surface. Much less obvious if that matters.


72 BGT
Larry Hallanger

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