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MG MGB Technical - Broken Clutch Disk

Does anyone know what would cause one of the springs to break out of a clutch disk? I thought my throw-out bearing had shot craps, but when we pulled the engine last night the throw-out bearing was just fine. I then pulled off the pressure plate and a spring fell out. The disk looks like the spring was almost pryed out. Sad because the disk had plenty of material left after only six or seven years.

Any idea what caused this?

Robert Rushing

Have you been laying rubber again?? :)
Paul Hanley

Well, as you know I do drive my car very hard; but I haven't done anything lately that would have caused this (well, at least not since the endurance rally in Michigan when I was gunning it really hard trying to get out of that mud hole).

Maybe that's what started it and it just took awhile to come apart.


Robert Rushing

I was gonna suggest the way he drives, but he gets all upset when somebody mentions that.


The Miz

LMAO - we cross-posted.

(At least he admits it)
The Miz

Well, as of this month I have owned my car 20 years and this is only the 2nd time I've replaced the clutch. I'd say not too bad considering everything.

I will be curious how my car will drive with actual transmission mounts. We removed the crossmember and there were just two lumps of what used to be rubber there not actually attached to anything. There was also about 10 pounds of dirt.

New clutch, new mounts, new gaskets, new synchros - oh my!

Robert Rushing

Driving habits killed your clutch Robert !!!!!!!!!!!
I would say that your car wanted to have it's belly scratched but I've heared stories of 3rd gear rubber in long sweeping corners at 70 mph :-)
Dwight McClain

Robert...this happened to me with my first MG...a 1972 midget!....and that was before I was into rallying, etc!...that clutch had about 30k on it....rick
rick ingram

Miz, I'm not afraid to discuss Robert's driving style (habits), I've tried to follow him on some rallys. I'll leave it at that.

re: Miz, I'm not afraid to discuss Robert's driving style (habits), I've tried to follow him on some rallys. I'll leave it at that.
John guys tell me this AFTER I loan him my 300ZX for the Abingdon Endurance Trials a couple of weeks ago, eh?! Thanks a lot! ;-)

rick ingram

My knuckles are still kind of white
william fox

It's only because I'm insane.

Robert Rushing

Nonsense King Wobbert, you're just fine! The cars were meant to be driven hard.

Paul K

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