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MG MGB Technical - bulb upgrade

hello ,is there a better bulb on the market for the head lights , ive found them to be very poor , the units are in good condition with no rust .i purchased an upgrade for my tvr think they are called Xion thanks


Go for PIAA bulbs.

The best you can get. I have them in my rally GT, in the headlamps as well in the spotlamps

They consume 55W but deliver 110W (depends on the type)

Google to find a UK distributor.

Not cheap but money good spend.


If you uprate the bulbs you should fit relays and fuses, *especially* if the new bulbs take more current than the old. If you don't then you can be losing quite a bit of the extra output in the old switches, wiring and connections.
Paul Hunt

As reorted by Paul Hunt, it's amazing to discover how a well relayed installation may solve the front light power issue alone.

just fitted some xenon from flea bay , they are a blue colour and give a nice bight white light , im very happy with them , cost me £11.94 with the side light bulbs.

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