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MG MGB Technical - bullet connector source?

Does anyone know of a good source for bullet connectors? I have some wiring issues and am looking for a good supply of them. Are there different styles, sizes, and qualities available?
Jeff Schlemmer



They carry a complete line of British wiring products, and are good people to deal with.

Bullets come in several sizes, and they are described in the catalog on the above web site.

One thing I would recommend - do not use the solder type, even if you plan to solder them. The "crimp or solder" type just work better for soldering as well as crimping.

I also recommend buying the special bullet crimping tool as well, as you will be glad you did if you plan on installing a lot of bullets. Your friends in the local LBC club will be glad you did also.

Download one of the instruction manuals from my web site for some instructions on using and installing bullets.
Dan Masters

Get the sleeves as well. You'll probably find that you old ones may look fine, but the metal inside may crumble under light finger pressure. Replacing them all is cheap insurance, and it only needs to be done every 30 years or so... ;-)
Rob Edwards

Click on the components catalog, then terminals, you will find bullet connectors on page 15. They are sized for different wire sizes. I've always received good service from them on wiring components.

Clifton Gordon

Wow. I really wish there was a local auto parts store that could dish out great info as fast as you guys!!! I appreciate the help and will be placing an order tonight. Thanks!
Jeff Schlemmer

I assume you have a "Radio Shack" retailer near you,
They sell a variety of connectors including bullet type male and female, I bought the crimp on type and am very happy with them.
Most of their stores have them in bulk, but their super stores are the best bet. If no "Radio shack" close by you, request one of their catalogue online and plan that one special trip.
Good luck.


Unless Radio Shack has changed their line recently, the bullets they sell will not mate with the British sleeves used in British cars. If they are used, they'll have to be used in pairs, replacing the bullet/sleeve connectors entirely. This'll work OK for single sleeve connections, but won't do for double sleeves.

If the stock connectors are to be dispensed with, I'd prefer to replace them with 1/4" spade terminals, as I've had a lot better luck with them than the "American" style bullets.
Dan Masters

complete agreement,
Spade connectors are definitely the way to go,
And yes I was refering to replacing both sides of the sex spectrum, for an inexpensive replacement I think they are great,...... for originality ( or orginal compatability ) they stink!

Then again, I'm going to assume you never got my e-mail begging for your help with my alt. conversion LOL.......
I was told you were the man to talk to about the GM conversion, Bob M. was kind enough to refer me to you,
Scott W. from colorado got me through the wiring which was the area where previous threads were a bit sparse in details. The GM unit is now workin happily, I will try to send you a picture of the BAT. terminal conversion I made to avoid destroying the plastic lucas plug fitting.
Good luck Jeff, Let us know how it goes,
Jim Kelly

"I'm going to assume you never got my e-mail begging for your help with my alt. conversion"


No, I either never got it, or didn't recognize it and deleted it, or my spam filter killed it. Either way, I apologize for not responding.

Dan Masters

I bought a pack of American bullet connectors at Advance Auto Parts recently to add some driving lamps and some lighting relays to my 1979 B, the American bullets connected with the British sleeves with no problems, a nice snug fit that isn't coming loose any time soon.
The Wiz

It's the old axium Dan,
to err is human, ( but to really foul things up you need a computer).
Thanks any way, Jim.
P.S., any luck yet Jeff?

Dan, my apologies, I think I gave him a wrong address for you. If you haven't yet, you might look at the Alt. threads about mounting Delco Alternators, I believe that was at least part of his questions for you.

BTW, All, Triple-C, , also sells both the bullets and the tube connectors.

Bob Muenchausen


If you say so, I won't argue with you, but that hasn't been my experience. In fact, I just went out to the shop and tried them again just to be sure. The fit was so loose that the bullets fell out by themselves, with no pulling required.

You can push the bullets into the sleeve so far that the insulation on the bullet wedges into the rubber sleeve, but that DOES NOT provide a good electrical connection. That does creat a potential for a serious fire hazard.

I would advise anyone who is considering this to be careful, and make sure that there is sufficiently snug metal to metal contact before using them. It should take a firm pull to remove the bullets WITHOUT relying on the insulation to hold them.

Dan Masters

I'm probably the only one who thinks so, but I actually prefer the original Lucas-style solder bullet connectors. They take a bit more effort to attach, but if done properly they're quite strong. I'm not into originality for its own sake, but some part of me does like the idea of re-doing it the same way that it was done at the factory.
Adam Birnbaum

Yeah guys, Sorry, I have to chime in here. The American style bullet connectors Iíve seen both smaller and larger, do not fit the British style. Either too small or too large. The small one wonít make a good contact, and the larger ones will spring your snap connectors.

Go to British Wiring and get the correct ones.


Bryan Prindle

I was an auto electrician in a former life working for a Lucas dealer. sad thing is, i can still remember the part no's. they were made by Ripaults, the bullets were ssc3, the single sleeves ss1, and the doubles ss2. i still have the correct pliers for both the bullets and sleeves. They are available from vehicle wiring products. For 14's cable, their part number is cb1. They are £1.04 for 10 or £3.90 for 50. The single sleeves are part number ss and are £1.19 for 10 or £4.47 for 50. Doubles are Ds and are £1.30 for 10. The pliers are part number SSCT and are £18.32. These prices may be a little out of date. their e-mail addres is sales@vehicle, and they ship worldwide. There will be 17.5% tax on the prices. Everything I have ever bought there has been top quality.

Well, I just received a couple packs of bullet connectors from triple-c. I tried british wiring first, but I didn't have the software to read their website. They look like great connectors - solid brass so they should be easier to solder than the chrome ones that Moss sells. Hopefully by being brass there won't be more of a corrosion problem? I'll use some of that fancy grease that electricians use when hooking up aluminum wiring to a service panel. I can't remember what its called, but its supposed to prevent corrosion between different contacting metals. It seems a more logical choice than anti-seize or ignition grease?
Thanks again everyone!
Did I mention that Triple-C delivered the order less than 48 hours after I placed it? That's good service in my book!!!
Jeff Schlemmer

I always use a conducting grease called Coppershield on bullet connectors. Available at hardware stores. -G.
Glenn G

I checked both British Wiring and Triple-C after reading this thread. I have noticed that British Wiring has different sized bullet connectors, but Triple-C only seems to offer one size. Shouldn't there be different size bullet connectors because of wire size?

Also has anyone ordered the assortment of bullets and sleeves pack (CB1 or CB2)? Are these brass bullet connectors?

Zach Dorsch

British Wiring has I believe 4 different sizes of bullets depending on the number of strands in the wire. I have these, there is really no substitute for the correct part. I recently ran out of the smallest size and had to improvise with the next size up connector, it worked but just barely. Their crimping tool is top quality as well, I've always been happy with their service and products.

The bullets from Triple-C look to be sized for up to 16ga wire. With the exception of the brown 10ga wires, they should fit on the entire harness.
Jeff Schlemmer

The majority of cable on old MG's was 14's cable. This is 14 strands of copper wire 60 thou thick. When stripped of it's insulation it is 1mm squared.

Shawn is right. Look at for 4.7 mm bullets.
They sell small or large quantities of all car electrical bits and are particularly useful for small lengths of colour coded cable sold by the metre.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

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