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MG MGB Technical - Cable Clutch and Pedal Box Question

Hi, erm for my vauxhall conversion on a tight budget im using the cable clutch operation and not spending the extra out for hydraulic. This will be similar for the k-series guys as its the type 9 box im using. In fact kit cars with the vauxhall 16v with ford type 9 box may use cable, however all the ones ive come across decided to splash the cash for hydraulic, hmmmm.

To my Questions

1) Has anyone got any information they can share on how they carried out the cable install, which cable they found best to use and dimensions regards distance from pivot of the pedal as well as any mods taken to the fords release fork. Pictures would be cool too.

I have my own ideas on how to go about the clutch, bit if some ones tried failed re tried and found success would save me time

2) Original bulk head mounted pedals or floor mounted???? Using a pair of Lotus Elise bucket seats or similar low sitting seats ive noticed that the original pedal setup could be improved, but thats my view. 99% of the times i go with the advice from you guys as its sensible and backed up with reason or having seen it done before and not with better results.

Chris Capes
C.F. Capes

yet again i didnt specify the car, its a 1971 mgb gt

C.F. Capes

Chris, I advise taking another look at the clutch throwout linkage and see if the original hydraulics could be adapted. I was able to do this with my V6 midget and it certainly was easier than trying to adapt a cable linkage. Here's a photo of what I did, hope it helps.

Bill Young

Hi Bill,

Took a look at your pic/slide. U couldnt point me to where the modded plate is or where the slave is in your pic? I dont think ive got my engineering eyes in today so appologies for seeming ungratefull.

Cheers for the link though, will take a look at the rest of the slides later as im on a mission to be out the house in 5 minutes.

C.F. Capes

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