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MG MGB Technical - Camshaft

Here's a good question, Is it possible to replace the camshaft in an MGB (5 brg crank) without removing the sump ? has anyone done it ?



Your going to have to drop the sump. You must pull the oil pump and distributor drives clear of the camshaft, otherwise it won't come out.

Tom Sotomayor

I have to disagree with Tom on this. You CAN change the camshaft without removing the oil pump, therefore the sump can stay in place. I've done it recently on an 18V engine.
You need to be aware of the oil pump and maneouvre the camshaft past it, but its not too difficult.
You do need to remove the distributor drive.

G Boath

After you remove the dizzy and the casting below it you will find a threaded hole in the drive for the dizzy. Thread in a bolt and you can pull it out of the engine.
John H

Threads in the archives say with an 18V you can with the earlier motor you cant.

thanks my engine is an 18V and i want to fit a 714 camshaft which i have had for a while, do you recon it'll maka difference with K&N's fitted ?

There's an article in this months "Enjoying MG". I think having the engine balanced is a must if you are fitting an uprated cam, or you will struggle to keep the tickover at a 1000rpm let alone 800.
c cummins

You can with an 18V (did it this summer), and I think you can with earlier blocks too - except the very earliest I believe. You 'kind-of' twist the cam a bit as you pull it out. Piece of cake.

I think I remember Chris Betson said in a thread several months ago all but the early cams with mechanical tachometer drives can be replaced without removing the oil pump.

Clifton Gordon

Adrian- According to Doug at British Automotive the Kent eats lifters and a new set of R-55 should go in with the new cam. If you look at the #'s I think the PB285 or 270 ( lift and duration) is a more compelling choice for the short of breath 5-port. My 2 cents. Vic
vem myers

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