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MG MGB Technical - Camshaft Bearings

Do the camshaft bearings need to be reamed out on a 5-bearing MGB engine, or are they good as-fitted? Is this something "normal"? I've just never noticed on all those car shows anyone doing cam bearings, but sure enough, mine are scrap! I don't have an mgb manual, but my old Magnette manual says the cam bearings need to be reamed.


John. If you buy the Brit bearings, as sold by Moss, et. al. they are of the split type--a flat piece of bearing stock rolled around a mandrel to make a bearing. There is nothing precision about these and, after installation, they need to be reamed to exact size using tools which few, if any, have anymore. Get the DuraBond DA-2 cam bearing kit for the MGB and you will not have to worry about reaming (although some minor fitting may be necessary depending on the actual diameter of your cam journals--the machine shop can do this easily). Federal Mogul also used to make a "precision" cambearing set for the MGB engine which others have mentioned as working well for them. Les
Les Bengtson

This thread was discussed on 17/04/2005

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