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MG MGB Technical - Can this alternator be saved?

The alternator on my 74B is overcharging and has ruined the battery (explaining the strange odor I asked about last week!). Since the voltage regulator is internal, can I do anything with it, or must I replace the entire alternator?

Ft Mitchell, KY

You can replace the regulator in the alternator. Any good rebuilder should be able to get you one as well as Moss or VB.
John H

Not sure I would want to just replace the regulator, that could just be colateral damage from something else. Exchange replace it and you get (hopefully a fully rebuilt and tested unit with a guarantee.
Paul Hunt 2

You can get an alternator with a lifetime warranty most likely from your local chain autoparts store. Look at the store's website first, usually the online price is less and most stores will honor the online price.
There are three popular options for replacement.

The following link is for the Delco alternator

The Bosch alternator for a '80 Ford Fiesta is another good option. To use this alternator, you may need to purchase a spade connector. This alternator has two wide spades and one narrow spade.

For both non Lucas alternators, you may have to buy a pulley and longer belt.

Dan, Paul's answer is probably the best if you're unfamiliar with alternators. My good friend and fellow midget driver Steve rebuilt his alternator on his 75 Midget last month. Got a regulator assembly from VB. He did say that there are 3 types and you really need to know which one you need, difference is number of leads.
Bill Young

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