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MG MGB Technical - CANNED Cam

Hello Guys.

Right then I have 74 Chrome Bumper GT, and I am looking for a bit more guts, I dont wnat to do the V8 conversion or Pay MGOC the silly amount they want for the 2.0 B Series.

At the moment the Car runs a DCOE 45, with a Peter Burguess Fast Road Big bore head, standard cam a,d internals.

So your advice, of course the motor needs a new Cam so what would you suggest, taking into consideration the current mods.

I know I need the vernier timing gears which I have ready to fit.


Pauls S
Paul S

My advice is to get hold of Steve S.'s treatsy on performance engine building. Pretty much covers the subject.


What does Peter Burgess suggest, as it's his head and many consider him the Head Guru! (Yes, every pun intended.)

To quote from his site:-

"Cylinder Head and Camshaft

If you are intending to use the car for Motorway/Highway cruising and the engine is unlikely to run past 4700-4900 rpm, an Econotune cylinder head and a standard camshaft combination will produce plenty of low rpm and mid rpm torque, making a smooth powerful unit that 'goes better' when you put your foot down uphill without having to change down a gear.

For a more spirited performance whilst still retaining perfect town manners, the Fast Road cylinder head and the Piper HR270 camshaft combination works well. Having a smooth power delivery from idle to around 5600rpm.

If you intend using the car for Track Test Days, Fast Road use, occasional Sprint/Autotesting, the Fast Road cylinder head and Piper HR285 camshaft combination is the ideal starting point. The idle is slightly rough/loping, becoming smooth at around 1300 rpm under light throttle. The engine will pull smoothly to just under 3000 rpm....then it lets rip to 6000 rpm with copious amounts of power and torque. The exhaust system could be changed for a larger bore, single box-type to enhance the power.
The camshaft is capable of producing even more power with a change to either 1 3/4" SU's or a 45 Weber. The engine will rev freely to around 6500 rpm."

Sounds like (from the above) you're looking at a Piper 285 followed by a session on his rolling road. Seems he's just around the corner from you (well, 17 miles) according to Multimaps.

I wish I was that close.

Derek Nicholson

peter i have a roadster with a peter burgess fast road head 285 cam aldon 101by2 dizzy electronic ignition .standard bore free flow manifolds and ss exhaust .bored + 60 balanced and weight took off the fly wheel . i did not use expensive pistons and the car as 106 bhp at the wheels. i live in nottingham and you can have a drive any time thanks daren

Hey! Not fair. I want a rid, too!

Derek Nicholson

derek what are you talking about are you a derek as im only trying to be helpfull not sell my car to him

No, I want a ride in a hot 'B. I'm not fussy about who owns it!
Derek Nicholson

im sure your a nice bloke i think we have got cross wires

Spot on!
Derek Nicholson


i tried differnt cams on my roadster and ended with the Piper 285/2 grid from a blank.

It is fine above 2000 rpm and the car handles as a normal modern 1800 dcoe fi engine with this cam and is a daily driver for dry wheter.

Engine specs: 1868 ccm, 10,25 cr, ralley head, lightened and ballanced crankgear, lightened and ballanced conrods, lightened valve gear, followers and pushrods, SU HIF 6 carbs with BDR needles and conical K&N filters.
As i found out it is best combined with a 1978 to 1980 OD gearbox, as the ratios are a little narrower than the earlier ones, avoiding the large step between 2nd and 3rd.


Cheers guys

Think the Piper HR285 will be the cam of choice then. I shall get some prices from PeterB on this now.

Will let you know how it goes.

Many thanks
Paul S

derek derek derek you have done well, may be you have picked up your humour from us british people as you are lacking it over there

Thanks for the compliment, Daren.

English parents and lived in London from '67 to '74. And it still hasn't washed off!

Favourite comedy? Black Adder.


Derek Nicholson

<derek derek derek you have done well, may be you have picked up your humour from us british people as you are lacking it over there>

You'd lack humour as well if you had the t0ssers running your government that we have!

Paul K

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