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MG MGB Technical - Car had power, now has none!

Hello All,

I have a 66 MG B.

Went to fire up the MG just before and all was going well. fuel pump ticked over dash lights on. Started to turn over the engine and after about 5 turns it stopped with an electrical sound. There is now no power to anything on the car. Checked both fuses which appeared fine. Turned key and have power again everywhere in the car. Started car again and after the engine turned over once it stopped again but no electrical sound this time. Removed and replaced fuses several times (still look good) but no power to any part of the car once again. Car seems to now be dead.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I wanted to go to the Hanging Rock car show tomorrow (Victoria Australia) and now I fear I may be waiting another year!


Darren Peters

Darren - Check the connections of the battery cable to the battery. Make sure that the re is clean, bright metal showing on the terminals and on the inside of the cable ends that mate to the terminals. Also check for corrosion under the insulation at the ends of the cables.
Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Yes! Worked a treat, thanks mate!
Darren Peters

This thread was discussed on 09/02/2008

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