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MG MGB Technical - Carpet Fitting

My carpet set came pre cut & by and large has gone in ok. However a couple of queries....
Is it worth fixing the carpet under the seats or just use the seat mounting to fix them?
The tunnel carpet has sound deadening attached which will make it a pain to glue, it sits quite well but will possibly crinkle a bit where the centre console is screwed down.
In other glue or not to glue?
Pat Gregory

I wouldn't glue under the seats. If the rain gets in and the floor becomes wet you will want to be able to remove the carpet to dry it out. Don't know about your tunnel carpet. Mine isn't glued down and looks OK.
Mike Howlett

Agree with Mike.
On my Roadster I cut the carpets around the set runners and had the edges bound, so that I could remove them if wet, without the hassle of also removing the seats.
I never glue down the transmission tunnel carpet either, the moulded/insulated type sit quite well without it.
Allan Reeling

Even my unmoulded tunnel carpet sits well enough without gluing. I just put the seat runners on top of the rear carpets, they've never got wet enough to need removing although I did remove the fronts as a matter of course after all the rain we had over the weekend and Monday morning on the Pendine Run.
Paul Hunt

This thread was discussed on 11/08/2015

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