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MG MGB Technical - Carter Fuel Pump info?

Folks, I've unearthed a Carter (Made in USA) fuel pump underneath the BGT, but its serial numbers/letters don't seem to pop up on the 'net. I would like to know what its flow characteristics should be before I carry out my own flow test to see if it's worth keeping.(The BGT is about to hit the road after a 6 year hiatus!).
The info on the pump body is as follows: 2H05A 504.
Does anyone know anything about this make and model of pump, including suitability for supplying the HS4 carbs?

Look forward to any views. regards, John.
J P Hall

Carter seem to have a very extensive web site including a tech help line. Just google Carter fuel pumps.
Allan Reeling

True, Allan, and I'll call their helpline tomorrow; but I couldn't find any reference to the 2H05A 504, especially its flow rate. I've read a lot of the earlier posts regarding the optimal pressure ( 2.8 to 3 ish psi?) and the relative merits of SU, Facet, Ecco and Carter pumps; I just want to see what I've inherited from PO, before I consider any changes. I'm hoping the existing Carter pump delivers a nice low PSI and will be worth reinstalling. Regards, John.
J P Hall

You could always use "as is" and install a pressure regulator in the system. You would need one for a Facet anyway. Small ones can be had for under 30 + 15 for a gauge which takes the guess work out. The Malpassi filter king has a filter as well for 50. Exchange rate???
Allan Reeling

Whatever the make of pump, it should be capable of delivering at the very minimum one Imperial pint per minute at the carb end of the pipe-work, and in practice more than double that.
Paul Hunt

Ha! - you're talking my language, Paul - I plan to do a flow test tomorrow, and yes I still remember pints. Allan, my mechanic son (works on those V8 Supercar things) agrees with you about the regulator and gauge. All depends on whether the old Carter pump passes the flow test tomorrow. Regards, John.
J P Hall

OK - amateur flow test today: the Carter moves 1 litre in 40 seconds; the Ecco moves 1 litre in 30 seconds. If my maths are correct, that's 2.6 pints per minute and 3 pints per minute respectively. Measurements taken through only 0.5m of 5/16 fuel hose from the outlet.. So I'm thinking for now refit the Carter, and keep the Ecco as a spare. When the car was last on the road, the Carter was feeding the HS4s perfectly.
Just for info. Regards, John.
J P Hall

2 pints per minute is more than enough for a V8, after all it represents emptying a full tank in 40 minutes!
Paul Hunt

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