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MG MGB Technical - Castor correction kit

I am thinking of fitting a Costello Caster Correction Kit to lighten up the steering effort of my 1972 MGBGT(as I get this pain in the ear when the wife drives the car). Has anyone had any dealings with this kit or any thoughts about it.

Thanks Paul.
P.W Elmes

Hi Paul. I have used this kit on a customers car and it does help to some extent. The one thing that concerned me was that it does not allow the bottom nut to be tightened up solid.. I made up two small tubes to the thickness of the shim to extend the shouldered part of the stud so that even though I could not get a full nut on the stud and so "lost" the self locking ring at least it tightened up solid against the tube . Jim
j soutar


Have a look at this:


Thanks to you both of you. I wil now look into it further.
P.W Elmes

Whilst (as I understand it) a castor angle modification can make the steering lighter when underway, at the expense of less self-centring action after a corner, it does nothing for the weight of the steering when stationary i.e. during parking. I've not driven a car with them but roller-bearing king-pin assemblies are supposed to help with this.
Paul Hunt 2

I've tried the demonstrator and couldn't tell the difference. But the clutch was gone, so I might have been concentrating on preserving that!

My concern remains that, without some kind of angled washers, tightening the nuts is putting a bending moment into the studs. Might be fine of course, but then again it might not be! And the studs are not long enough to take care of the shim AND an angled washer.

How about a bigger steering wheel? Or a bigger wife?? :-)


The reduction of caster should help the steering effort when parking, as the effect of caster is to lift the front of the vehicle a fraction as the wheel is turned from the straight ahead. The actual weight of the vehicle provides much of the self centering affect. Modern tyres require a lot less help. I myself have not tried the caster reduction and it would seem from the experience of others not make a great difference, however I will give it a go in the future as I can see no down side.

"a bigger wife"

Now that *would* be asking for trouble!

"The actual weight of the vehicle provides much of the self centering affect"

All of it, in fact, as if there were no weight on the tyres there would be no self-centering.

"Modern tyres require a lot less help"

Depends on how 'modern' you are! I started driving with cross-plies, radials are much harder to turn, but that is down to better grip between tyre and road, which itself is due to the larger contact patch for a given size of tyre. When I eventually fitted radials to the front the first corner I took I nearly went up the kerb due to the almost total lack of understeer compared to cross-ply.
Paul Hunt 2

Hi.Neil.I wonder if you could give me the steering wheel to wife ratio.On the serious side B&G supply a kit, Would be good to hear their view. thanks to all for your comments.

P.W Elmes


I fitted the B&G kit and it has definitely reduced the steering effort, I have 195/65 x 15" tyres so the steering was very heavy and loaded up significantly in tight corners and roundabouts, the B&G kit has reduced the steering effort to acceptable levels and made the car much more drivable.

For tech info see link above in Tore's post.


Kevin Jackson

I installed the Brown & Gammons kit on my MGB and was immediately impressed with the reduction of steering effort. It was necessary in my case due to the fact that I had installed a Quick Rack for fast driving on mountain roads.

The Castor Angle reduction kit (Brown &Gammons Part # AHH6195 CASTOR) is produced for both Chrome Bumper and Rubber Bumper MGB and MGBGTV8 models by Brown & Gammons, the mg specialists at Baldock in the UK. It is designed to accomplish two things - first, to reduce the Castor Angle by 3
Steve S.

Steve, many thanks for that superb explanation. I have my crossmember off the car at present and have been wondering about a castor-reduction kit, but didn't like the wedges that are commonly advertised. Your thorough description means that I will feel quite confident in ordering the B&G kit. Thanks again.
Mike Howlett

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