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MG MGB Technical - Castor Reduction Kits

I understand that Brown & Gammons in the UK are offering a castor reduction kit designed to do two things - first to reduce the castor angle by 3 degrees from the original 7 to 4 degrees and second to maintain the integrity of the mounting of the crossmember to the chassis leg.

This would seem to be similar to part of the kit that Tim Fenna is offering through Frontline Costello, in England. Roger Parker has commented favourably on the whole package that Tim Fenna offers and also suggests that the castor reduction wedges might reduce steering effort if used in isolation.

Does anybody have experience of either of these kits?

P L Hills

The integrety of the front cross member is entirely dependant on those four massive bolts. The cross member sits on four rubber pads. Put a big washer under one of the pads.

I agree with Peter, install thick washers under the two pads at the front of the crossmember to reduce castor.

Clifton Gordon

I installed the kit from Brown & Gammons onto my 1972 MGB in a last-ditch effort to overcome the very heavy low-speed steering that resulted from using very sticky 195/60 Series tires and a Quick Rack (2 turns lock-to-lock). The kit incuded everything that was needed, and everything went together fine. Steering effort is now finally within reasonable limits.
Steve S.

Peter & Clifton have an alternate solution to the Frontline and Brown & Gammons kits. i believe the thickness of the washers were addressed in an earlier thread. I have installed the Frontline Kit (Tim Fenna) on my 78 B with the 5.0 EFI Iron block/alum. accessories, Ford drive train. the car gained approximatley 120lbs. overall. my steering effort was a little heavy with the 205/50/16 tires & wheels. the Frontline kit is complete, easy to install and definitely reduced the effort at speed. it is a quality unit and i can definitely say it helps, even with a 14" A/M steering wheel.
kelly stevenson

The washers are something like .150". That'll get you in the ballpark!

It does mandate that you re-shim the steering rack! There is quite a change in the steering angle when the shims are added.
Jeff Schlemmer

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