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MG MGB Technical - CEI amplifier module wiring for 45DM distributor?

OK, can anyone tell me how the wiring should look inside the CEI amplifier module box? There are four connections on the module itelf (two external to the distributor), then you've got a condenser with a white lead and a diode (?) with white/black. Plus the coil primary leads (white + and white/black -).

Also, on related subjects: Any idea what kind of condenser would be an appropriate replacement? And, does anyone have any thoughts on just replacing the stock system with pertronix or Crane vs trying to fix the CEI with a new module and/or pickup assembly?

Pete 1980B
Peter Voigtsberger

Pete. My understanding is that the Lucas CEI system is identical to the GM HEI system and several people have written about repairing the Lucas system using GM parts.

In my case, I replaced the CEI distributor with a Lucas 45D4. I have had the "electronic" distributors and points replacment systems fail without warning. Thus, an annual points replacement and distributor cleaning/lubricating session is not a problem. I have never had a points type system fail and leave me stranded.

Les Bengtson

This thread was discussed on 04/07/2006

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