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MG MGB Technical - change left hand drive MGB to right

What are the chances of changing a left hand drive mgb roadster to right hand drive?
Is it straight forward or not?

On a steel dash car I don't believe it is much of a problem. Cars before 1968 should be easy. Its the US padded dash cars with the colapsable steering column that become a problem.
John H

in Australia you can buy a R/Hand drive fibre glass replacement dash for the later model L/Hand drive cars It bolts straight onto the dash scuttle and looks pretty good There are a couple of different types to replace from 1972 to 1980
Jeff Jorgensen

I've got a '72 roadster re-imported from the US. I found the type of steering column was important.

The people who converted it for me fitted the right UK spec dash for the year. However, US spec cars had a collapsible column, which is thicker and of a different length. Consequently, they needed to butcher the plastic cowling and the dash itself to get it to fit. When I realised what they had done, I fitted a V8 dash, which I bought from the Club and changed the ignition to the column- mounted type and got the appropriate cowling and column-mounted wiper and indicator stalks.

Looks good now but is non-standard, of course.
Peter L

Yep, the earlier the year the easier I think. That said mine is a 78 and that had been converted before I got it. They did a crap job though so I ended up redoing most of it. I have done some quite serious (but non structural) modifications like cutting out the scuttle and welding in a new one so I could get rid of the US style dash and fit a much earlier steel dash. Will make up some kind of custom cowl for the steering wheel from fibreglass when I am nearing completion. I kept the collapsible column. I am also fixing up the ride height back to early specs but that's an entirely different problem altogether!

Things you need to consider:

Changing the steering rack/column. If it is a later car you might need to modify the firewall to do this.

Shifting over the pedals. When you do this you might consider fitting boosted brakes if it was an early car. You will need to move or replace the clutch and brake hydraulic piping of course.

Replacing the dash. I am not quite sure what the options are here. This depends on the year too since the scuttle top changed at some point. Also the wiring might need updating now everything is shifted over.

I've probably forgotten some things! Been working on mine for so long now some of it is ancient history!

Simon Jansen

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