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MG MGB Technical - Changes to window winder mechanisms


What changes took place to the window winder mechanisms and when.

I'm trying to identify a couple of different sets I've found (been given with no background)


Iwan Jones

The Parts Catalog lists three types, changing at chassis number 57985 i.e. April 65. No specific details in Clausager except at the same time anti-burst door locks and push-button exterior handles were fitted. They also changed again for the Mk2 in December 67, 'safety-type' regulators fitted along with recessed internal handles. The middle and late ones are illustrated, as here, 8 and 9 respectively, but I don't know how close the pictures are to the real things.

Paul Hunt

To expand on the above:

The earlier types have a square protrusion to which the regulating handle attaches, the later ones a hexagon and a different type handle (as sort-of seen in the picture).

The very early ones (pull handles and early roadster up to GT launch or so) look very alike to the square peg ones but have different angles and are a lot harder to come by of course.

The square peg ones go with the interior door latch handle types that have the single square peg.

Octagon ones go with the later (68+) rectangle door latch handles with chrome surround etc.

You will struggle to mix them without door butchery, but I believe all square peg ones can be made to work in a suitable vintage door type.

As a last caveat: the midget/sprite ones look very very similar to the MGB ones but are different in some dimensions. Without some measuring, no saying for sure what you have.


Many thanks to the both of you.

Iwan Jones

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