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MG MGB Technical - Changing RHD handbrake to LHD position

I've just collected, a hour or so ago, a N reg rubber bumpered GT.
I have a left leg problem and although I can easilly work the clutch I find the handbrake catches my leg due to a slight deformity / twist at knee area.
The simple answer to this problem, that will cause me severe discomfort, is fit a LHD handbrake the other side of the tunnel.
Before I look has anyone ever done this and can tell me it a LHD handbrake will simply bolt on or is it going to be more difficult that I initially think ?


Paul Humphries

Paul. A left hand drive MGB has the handbrake mounted on the right hand side of the tunnel. I assume it's in the same location as on your right hand drive car.

Clifton Gordon

I think the handbrake is the same on both left and right hand drive cars. It's always on the right hand side of the transmission tunnel.

I don't think you can easily modify an existing one to mount on the other side either due to the shape of the mechanism.

Simon Jansen

Thanks for clarifying.
Saves me trying to source a LHD handbrake :-)
I have the same trouble with my SIII Land Rover and am using a handbrake off another vehicle so will have to look what's availble in scrap yards for the MGB.
One option is to use a dash mounted "pull and turn" type as fitted to XJ6, some modern Bedford vans, etc.
Funny thing is I've had 2 MGB GT's before and cann't remember the handbrake catching my leg before. It was a long time ago so my leg probably wasn't as bad then.

Paul Humphries


Hi Paul, The midget handbrake fits on the left of the gearbox tunnel. I'm sure it would not be hard to make one fit. I have a spare midget handbrake here that you are welcome to try, but you should be able to find one more locally. heers, Dave
DM Gibson

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