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MG MGB Technical - Choke connection

I am looking for a picture or ideas on how to connect the choke cable on a 75 that has the SU conversion from the stromberg. Thank you.

Have a look at
Are they HS4 or HIF carbs? The HS4 have fuel bowls at side and HIF are incorporated into the body of the carbs.

70 BGT
I D Cameron

HS4's - I have it all together - except where to end the choke cable to enable the choke operation.

The choke cable is linked to the front bracket that holds the air filter pan on. That is part 5 in this diagram: and part 43 in this one
If that is not enough to work it all out then let me know and I'll take a picture and put it on my website.

I D Cameron

Hillary, I will email you a pic of mine. I don't use the air cleaner bracket to control the choke. It attaches to the linkage with a ferrule, and the cable housing rests in the forward side of the rear carb. It'll make sense in the pic. I found a pic of this in the Bentley manual and it seems to work well.
Jeff Schlemmer

I have put some pictures of mine here:
This is the standard UK set up. My car is a 70 BGT.

I D Cameron

Thank you all so much, with your help I'm back and running. FYI you helped with a 75 anniversary edition B that I took the stromberg off and installed HS4's.
Thanks again... happy motoring

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