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MG MGB Technical - Choke Lock

I tried to raise an old thread from 2010 without any luck.

Anyway, I bought a new choke cable last year and it stopped locking after about 10 starts. I didn't bother about fixing it until the cooler weather set in here.

Thanks to Paul Hunt's excellent website, I learned how this thing works and pulled mine out today to have a look. Sure enough, it had a PLASTIC "wedge" instead of a metal one. The place where I bought the cable found an old one from which I could retrieve the metal wedge. Did that and put it my cable - works perfectly now and hopefully for another 30-40 years.

Some spare parts, the choke cable as an example, are very poorly manufactured and a cause of considerable frustration for the retailer. The wholesalers do not seem interested in sorting out the problems though.

J Tait

Here is a great photo from the old thread. It may be helpful should you have the same problem.

J Tait

Lol not knocking your problem and glad it's sorted but it did make me giggle as I have an assortment of 3 pegs for my BGT one which has the original choke. However, also it made me giggle as all my dad and mums cars had pegs lying around them - and grandmas mini - and when I used to take the midget to work - a couple of my colleagues had MGs and Sprites and would ask me if I had the pegs and stockings required.

For the record I have a nice locking choke cable on that and it's a modern part and I don't need a peg ....!

Sometimes I do wonder that we forget sometimes what the cars were like when they were new .............

This thread was discussed on 20/05/2011

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