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MG MGB Technical - Chrome rear bumper tow bar blanks

Anyone any idea where I can get a couple of blanks to fit the tow bar holes in my rear bumper? I followed a 'C' home today that had some fitted and it looks much neater than the holes. Alas the owner had no idea where they came from as his dad owned the car and it was handed down.
B Anderson

I assume you mean chrome dome-headed bolts. Just buy two standard bumper bolts like these from Brown & Gammons, although all suppliers will have them.
Mike Howlett

Thanks Mike but the holes are to big I think. I was hoping for some sork of shaped 'plug
B Anderson

Search eBay for items 110938477777, 310134027085 and 110816716014, could one of them possibly be of use? The first one is 41 mm (about 1 5/8") in diameter, the other ones have no size info.
Johan Garmer

Alas they are all flat. the bumper is curved at the hole so what ever I get has to be flexible or shaped. I have tracked down some Harley plastic trim bits fo modded bike which may be 'mouldable' with heat waiting for a response to my email to the supplier
B Anderson

Check out item number 7 on this diagram.


Larry C. '69 midget & '74 B/GT
Larry C '69 Midget

Thanks Larry. That's the standard chrome bolt which is too small. It falls through the hole!
B Anderson

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