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MG MGB Technical - Chrome/rubber bumper conversion

mgb roadster
Brian Shaw

Mate, a one owner from new 63, original? Please do NOT change it to rubber, if only to preserve what is becoming rarer and rarer cars. You have a true clasic.

If you want a rubber bumper fine, great news the more in hands that apreciate them the better but I think your better selling the 63 and buying a proper rubber bumper.

I think that you will not only effect the car badly as the suspension etc is not really that good with the extra weight but the value will go down, probable quite a lot.

Paul Fryer

This has got to be a first! RAY
rjm RAY

1st of the fourth
c cummins

A bit late in the day.

I nearly fell for it, though!
Dave O'Neill 2

This has been posted elsewhere. A good one! Original '63 my ass. RAY
rjm RAY

Oh my! Oh my! Never, I mean never convert a chrome bumper car into a rubber bumper one!!!!!!!! Rubber bumper cars are a dime a dozen compared to what you have, what you have is probably worth two or three RBs. My word, if you were here, I'd give you two running RBs for it! JMHO. PJ
Paul Jennings

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