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MG MGB Technical - 'CI' coil

Speaking of coils gents. When I got the A 20+ years ago there was a pretty little spare coil in with the spares. It looks exactly like an old style Lucas but has a CI crest on the front w/ "Made in England' embossed. I've never seen one and don't do EBAY to see one advertised. It also has screw terminals not spades. Any help with this on? Thanks Scott
SM Scott

They all have screw terminals, it's just that the spades are screwed on presumably to make installation and removal quicker. People, including me, take them off in order to use eyes instead which are better all round. As for CI "crest", picture would be useful.
Allan Reeling

The coil may be a Commercial Ignition Ltd.

Have a look at:
Brian Shaw

MGB coils at least originally had riveted spades, I'd say to make construction cheaper and quicker. However they got a reputation for coming loose and giving intermittent ignition, as I found. Modern replacements are held on studs with nuts.

Thanks fella's for your replies, I didn't think folks here in the states would know that answer. Allan- my 73 coil, original, has spades that's why I figured it might be 69-70 issue. Brian/Paul - Commercial Ignition (CI) makes sense to me, I'll try to get a photo in the next few days unless someone has one. Do you know what kind of quality it is or is a coil just a coil and made by LUCAS with a CI logo? Here in flooded WV Scott
SM Scott

How far back do we go before they were riveted? All mine 70 onwards have been screwed on spades.
Allan Reeling

Paul - I have a late 61 MGA MK II also and the original coil has screw terminals (LA-12 1/60 #45053M). Also, this 'CI' coil has a #46645 stamped on the bottom, nothing else. Scott
SM Scott

Depends how original the coil is to the car I suppose. Mine came to me with riveted. It's Lucas, with the spade terminals marked + and -, I was under the impression that positive earth cars had CB and SW terminals, it's what the WSM shows at any rate. It's an 11C12 which according to some sources superseded the HA12, and was fitted to some 1275 midgets amongst other things. What could be a date code shows '775'.

"I was under the impression that positive earth cars had CB and SW terminals, it's what the WSM shows at any rate."

That was true of the original coils (at least that was how the coil in the TD was marked), but later ones came with + and - markings.
DW DuBois

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