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MG MGB Technical - Clamping plate-dizzy question

Good evening, I have a question about the "position" for the Dizzy Clamping plate.

Now in the process of "re-assembling" 1979 MGB. The Dizzy clamping plate was positioned with the pinch-nut next to the engine block... very difficult to adjust/get wrench on nut.

Can this clamping plate be set-up with the pinch-nut towards the outside making it easier to get to??

Looking forward to your comments.

1979 MGB

Yes it can but it ends up under the dizzy so is just as difficult to get to!

A matter of personal choices, I think!
Chris at Octarine Services

I have always installed them with the nut up and pointing to the front.
I just installed a new distributor on my car and was really annoyed to find that they have changed to a small metric bolt. So what was wrong with the bloody 7/16"??? Just another EU plot!

Rich McKIe

Yes, it is a fiddle, I've had to grind down the outer edge of a small ring spanner to be able to get it on that and the clamping plate nuts (and the heater valve bolts). In fact it is better to correctly position the clamping plate bolts mid-way in their free play, and slacken them to make small adjustments to the timng, as frequently slackening and retightening the clamp bolt can easily result in overtightening and damage to the flange on the distributor body, which causes it to pop out when underway. However getting to the clamp plate bolts is easier on the later 45D distributor than the 25D, but then the 25D has a timing fine adjustment on the vacuum capsule so shouldn't need any of the bolts to be slackened for small adjustments.
Paul Hunt 2

Thanks for the replies. I checked out some of my mgb books and the Pinch-clamp is probably better on the top.. at least I'll be able to see what I am working on that way.

Keep on the sunny side!

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