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MG MGB Technical - cleaning air filters

ive noticed my K a N air filters are dirty and my spark plugs are very black ,how do i clead my air filters thanks daren

Daren. The factory claims that you need to use their special kit. This consists of instructions, a bottle of cleaning solution and a spray can of oil. Use of any other product will void the warranty on the filters.

This being said, I have used Simple Green to clean filters of similar type and a spray bottle containing ATF, which seems very similar to the K&N oil, on the filters after cleaning and allowing them to dry.

The K&N cleaning kit is somewhat expensive, but, I use it on all of my K&N filters to keep the warranty active. Under our driving conditions, this is on an annual basis. Factory claims of 50K miles between cleanings must have been based on tests made in a lab, not under street driving conditions here in Arizona.

Les Bengtson

thanks for that .can i ask you why you are in to mg cars ,petrol is cheap and i would love to hve a v8 mustang but fuel prices are crazy and garages are to small

Daren, probably for the same reason you're into them and not driving a Peugeot 104 for pleasure. Nothing to do with fuel prices.
Derek Nicholson

Daren. As Derek notes, it is a personal thing. I have owned three classic Mustangs, a 65 and two 68s, all having a manual transmission and the 289 small block engine. I have also owned a 69 Corvette with the big block 427 engine, a BMW 2500, a Fiat 124 Sypder and an Austin-Healey 100.

Today, the MGs fit my current needs and desires. I like to drive them. I like to work on them. I like to write about them. I like to help others enjoy this hobby as others have helped me to in the past.

Just getting old I guess.

Les Bengtson

My mom had a TR2A and a TR3. My brother had a B and I had a 69 Karmann Ghia as well as a 69 Boss Mustang with a 3 speed and 12"clutch. Why a B? When I wanted something I could work on and enjoy, the B was for sale and parts are easy to find. Its now my son's and I have a Samurai with a 4.3vortec automatic. Call me crazy.The 4.3 has a cone K&N. I have a bottle of their oil and I clean it with blue Dawn dish soap. It cuts grease and oil.

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