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MG MGB Technical - Cleaning Multi Pin Connectors


Does anybody have any ideas how to clean the female side of the multi pin connectors located under the dash/steering wheel of a 74 mgb roadster.


Bruce Mills

Bruce - The multi pin connectors are usually fairly gas tight and thus don't get much corrosion on them. If you have a Radio Shack or a real electronics parts store in your are, pick up some aresol contact cleaner. Spray it in the female pins and then plug the male portion of the connector into it and work the two in and out multiple times, spraying more cleaner into the pins as you do it. Finish up with more contact cleaner, then dry everything off and plug it together. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

What David recommends usually works, but it they're really corroded they probably should be replaced. I know that's not an attractive alternative though. I work in electronics repair and have had pretty good luck cleaning small multi pin connectors by dipping the entire connector into CLR and then rinsing in water and drying with compressed air. CLR is a brand name for a household cleaning solution that is supposed to remove calcium, lime, and rust buildup. I usually let them soak for about 3 or 4 minutes then rinse. A little spray contact cleaner afterwards can't hurt and will displace any remaining moisture.
Bill Young

Thanks Guys. I will try both ideas.

They are not that badly corroded but dirty after 30+ years.
I have been going through the electrical and replaced all the connectors and cleaned all the bullets on the vehicle so figured I might as well clean the multi pins connectors too.

Bruce Mills

Yes David has the right idea... Then put in some dielectic grease

You can also get contact cleaner spray from a good auto parts store...

Thanks All

I used the CLR and a little bit of emery cloth.
The female connectors came up brighter than when I started

Bruce Mills

I have used WD40 and the plug unplug routine several times and it's worked fine. You cant tell how good a connection will be just by looking at it IMHO.
Stan Best

GEM Enterprises offers special cleaning brushes to clean them

Thanks Robin The hood.
Brush's have been ordered.

Bruce Mills

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