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MG MGB Technical - clicking noise

hello ive got a click noise when i press the gas pedal,its around the rear arch of my 79 roadster. i cant see anything ovious ,as any one got any ideas thanks daren

It might be the fuel pump. When you get into the car in the morning, try putting the key in and turning it to position two (just before cranking). You should hear the fuel pump priming itself from somewhere around that direction. Is it the same noise?

thanks for that ,yes ive heard that noise,this noise seems to be more like a noise related to the susspension, but ive just had new springs and you think it could be something to do with the tausion bar

Do you think that you might consider gathering a few wrenches (spanners) and getting down on the ground in the back of the car and tightening up the bolts that hold the springs and "shockers" together? That might work. Alyn

This thread was discussed on 26/03/2005

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