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MG MGB Technical - Clifton Gordon, a true gentleman

I had started a thread recently about my difficulty in locating a courtesy light door switch. Many had responded and I appreciated all the replies. However, Clifton Gordon not only sent me one but refused payment. It is heartening to have someone I have never met, only conversed with in this forum, do something so unselfish. It is because of people like Clifton, and all others here, that owning an MGB is a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. Thanks again Clifton.
John Mancone 1974.5 MGB Tourer (with a functioning courtesy light)

I wholeheartedly agree. I don't know Clifton personally but I get the impression he's a class act. People like that make this hobby so much easier to be involved with.
Steve Simmons

Yes it's nice to know there are still good, decent, caring folks in this world who don't think "It's all about them."

Offered some great advice to me, as have so many others on this forum. I have realised this is a great community to be part of, where you don't have to pay for help, people share it openly. Thanks!
M J Kirkham

I agree totally with you M J and LUVMYMG, it's great to be part of the MG Community. Whilst I have had no direct dealings with Mr Gordon, there are many decent, unselfish people who own MG's who go to great lengths to help others.

I recently bought an MGBGT and after a one-way flight to central England to pick it up with the intention of driving back to Scotland, the head-gasket blew on the way out of the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks carpark! (I had already parted with the cash at this point).
However the chap who sold me the car was following me out of the car park and stopped to assist.
He insisted on giving me the money back, had the car repaired the following week - at his expense - and deducted the price of my return journey from the purchase price!

It goes to show there are 'good' people left in the world, and it seems a great many of them are involved with the MG marque

rich w

John, I wholeheartedly agree. Clifton sent me a couple parts last winter under the same premise. He has helped hundreds of us with his advice, "website", and parts donations. Thank you Clifton!
Jeff Schlemmer

Saw he and his wife at our club meeting last night. You guys are right, He and his wife are both first class. Bob
RHT Thompson

John. This is not all that uncommon around here with small parts. I have benefited from this custom and, since the people refused payment, have attempted to return the favors by doing the same. One of the joys of dealing with this group over the years.

However, I would tend to agree that Clifton has always been a gentleman and your method of thanking him is fully appropriate.

Les Bengtson

Clifton is the man....he helped me with a valve problem recently..never met him, but I know he is a gentleman.

Clifton's accolades are long overdue in my opinion.

In his years on this BBS he has helped so many people in so many ways, whether with truly informative links, comments, research, or encouragement, and in so doing, has made a bunch of friends along the way. And through it all, he has remained true to himself and to being a true gentleman, even in the face of some of our collectively worst moments and behavior at times.

For that, Clifton, I tip my hat, and hopefully attempt to do my own part to pass along, as Les has said, that generosity of spirit which marks a true enthusiast and a worthy example of what it means to genuinely have class.
Bob Muenchausen

Right on ! Clifton is the man, I asked about a hard to find part a couple years ago and he sent me one and said "NO CHARGE"
Bob R.

On the way home there was an older couple on the side of the highway with a broken TR3. They were on the way to a car show and the fuel pump gave out.
I stopped and offered help. While doing so, I thought of those who would do the same. This group (you guys) are the only ones I know of.
Clifton, not only have you helped others, you set an example and it seems to be contagiou! Thank you.

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