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MG MGB Technical - Cluncking when moving off


my 75 mgb roadster has just developed a cluncking sound from the under side of the car towards the centre and rear of the car. It happens when you disengage the overdrive when slowning down. It also happens when moving off for the first time in 1st and reverse. I have just lowered the car front and rear, but have checked to make sure everything it tight, which it does. There does seem to be a bit of play when rotating the prop shaft (1 - 2 degrees), but not enough to cause the level of noise that I get when moving off for the first time or when disengaging the overdrive when slowing down.

Thanks in advance
P Groom

You've just lowered the car. It is almost certainly something you have done then. Are you sure the exhaust isn't contacting somewhere as the engine rocks? Normally I would say it could be lots of things, and first check would be the universal joints on the prop shaft. There should be absolutely no free play in each joint. There will always be a small amount of backlash in the rear axle. If it is only 1-2 degrees then it is one of the best. By the time I got round to servicing my diff, mine could be twisted about 45 degrees. You will have to go over everything in the drive train and suspension really carefully to find it.
Mike Howlett

This thread was discussed on 19/02/2012

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