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MG MGB Technical - Clutch difficulties

I have had enormous difficulties bleeding the clutch on my MGB,after resleeving the master cylinder.I have now done it by removing the bleed nipple and pumping through fluid and holding finger over the hole a few times and then replacing nipple and bleeding.
BUT the thought has occurred...why is the pipe a larger size than the Brake tubing and would it be easier to bleed if it was the smaller size. And also I added another Banjo fitting to the Master cylinder and brought the piping around the end rather than a high looping pipe up and over as per original. ....Any suggestions ?
R F Murray

Much more volume flows through the clutch pipe than the brake, a smaller bore would cause a stiff clutch.

Clutch bleeding is a pain because of the long vertical run of the pipe doesn't allow all the air to be expelled in one pump, and flows back up again on the up-strokes. Even a gunson's continuous flow doesn't seem to help. Having read of the difficulties so many times I didn't even try, but instead filled the empty system using a Gunson's attached to the *bleed* nipple i.e. reverse filling and it worked a treat. Even more recently I had occasion to try another tip, and that is simply to interconnect the right-hand caliper and the clutch nipples (they are the same size), open both, and use the brake pedal to reverse bleed the clutch and that also worked a treat. You do have to suck fluid out of the clutch master to prevent iy overflowing, and make sure the brake master doesn't get too low, but it is still a very easy job.
Paul Hunt 2

This thread was discussed on 20/09/2007

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