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MG MGB Technical - Clutch M/C Interchangeability

I am looking to replace the M/Cs in my car as my first winter project. Car is a '65, but has a 4 synch. My current M/C looks original. Parts houses list 2 types of clutch M/Cs- '62-'67 and '68-end. I want a metal cylinder and I have been able to locate only the later version.

Question is this: are the two M/Cs compatible in terms of mounting and hydrolic line fitting, so that either one would 'bolt right up?'? I think the only difference is the early M/C is for 3 synch and the later for 4 synch- but I just pulled that info from a price listing from one of the vendors, so it could mean nothing.

Thanks for the help.
Matthew Mugherini

The only difference is that the later units are slightly canted towards the fender. This is to allow for the larger brake M/C used on the tandem system from 68 onwards. They are interchangable.

Matthew. I agree with Ray. I found an early clutch master cylinder on one of my cars when doing a brake job. It was working fine at that time. I only replaced it with a spare later model MC because I had a rebuild kit in stock for the later models and not the early models.

When replacing/rebuilding the clutch master cylinder, make sure you also order a new copper sealing washer. All of the rebuild kits I have used did not contain this piece and it had to be ordered seperately. You can, if it is in good condition, heat the old copper washer up to red hot in a propane torch, then either let it air cool and clean it or immediately quench it in water (which will help clean it up). I have found no practical difference between the two methods of annealing the washer. Les
Les Bengtson

Ok, thanks for the help guys.

I noticed in some of the expanded diagrams for several vendors (Moss and VB), that there are a few different parts between the two models, chiefly the return spring. But if the rest of the clutch system can handle either M/C, I will probably go with the later model. I will double check that it has a copper washer included by the fitting point; if not, I did notice that they are available separately.
Matthew Mugherini

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