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MG MGB Technical - Clutch Master Cyl Easy Change for CB Cars

I thought I would wait until I had to change a clutch master cylinder hopefully quickly and easily before passing on the information, so here goes.

Pump out all the fluid to save damaging paintwork unless of course like me you use silicon fluid. Remove cover and take out clevis pin, slacken pipe fitting until it can be moved by hand. Remove boot, circlip and pushrod also piston if it comes. Now slacken the cylinder securing bolts and using a finger or some other object through the side access hole hold the lower nut just sufficiently to allow the setscrew to be removed. Remove the top bolt then gently remove the remaining few threads on the pipe fitting and maneuver the cylinder out. Recover the nut and washer.

Now using a new setscrew and nut clean the face of the nut with solvent and the rear face of the cylinder flange adjacent to the lower hole, put a little superglue on the face of the nut and using the setscrew affix it to the flange and let it set for a few minutes. Remove the pushrod, piston and plastic filler cap and fit the cylinder. Fit the top setscrew loosely and then thread the lower one into the already superglued nut. Loosely fit the pipe and at this stage refit the piston and pushrod. Fully tighten the setscrews and pipe. Fit clevis and bleed system. This whole job takes about 30 mins and obviously eliminates having to remove the pedal bracket or work through the aperture in the firewall.
Iain MacKintosh

I recomend 100%...

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