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MG MGB Technical - Clutch oddness

I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on an odd clutch problem I had during a race on Saturday.
I've just fitted a new clutch slave cylinder and ha dbled it, and all was working well.
Apart part way through the race the clutch pedal felt considerablyt stiffer, and was not as smooth in it action. It would also fail to return directly, coming back a few seconds after I'd let go of the pedal.

it woudl do this on one gearchnage, then on the next the clutch action would be back to normal.

I cannot re-create it in the car now, although the pedal doesn't feel as smooth in operation as it used to. The return spring is still on the clutch pedal.

There is some significant wear in the pushrod from the master cyliner (I replaced the one on the slave cyliner as well as it was oval), and there is quite a bit of wear in the pedal itself, IE: it'll wobble left to right by an amount.
I'm guessing that my problem was probably due to the pedal moving or twisting in a funny axis as I operated it in the all out action of MGB racing, due to the wear in these parts.
I can't any thing else wrong, and the things like the release bearing are all fresh - as I only put the gearbox in the car the week before the event.

Ta all.


PS: Still finished well in the race, here's a pic(I'm car 42)
T Crossley

See the nearby thread "clutch???problems" and "Silicone brake fluid" on the TD BBS.
FR Millmore

Tony, what type of flex line are you using between the master cylinder and the slave? From the symptoms you describe I'd guess that you might have a restriction in the line. It's common for brake hoses to swell internally, perhaps your clutch hose has as well.
Bill Young

I agree, Bill. I finally had a "DUH!" moment after chasing what seemed like everything else to solve a slipping clutch. Turned out to be the flex tube was swelled almost closed. Under pressure, it released the clutch fine, but engaging (no pressure) was slow.

It's a braided hose on the clutch to slave cylinder. Quite old so may be a problem.
T Crossley

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