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MG MGB Technical - Clutch pedal

Hello All,

'75 GT clutch pedal not returning to original position and can be stiff/sticking in use. New return spring fitted. Clutch appears to be working ok and fluid level is fine.
Could it just be a case of pedal needing lubrication?

Many thanks,


my clutch pushed down and stayed down last year. It did come back up but felt wrong. It didn't appear to have lost any fluid but when i checked the system i found the slave cylinder was wet. I replaced both the slave and the master cylinders to make sure. This cured my clutch problem.
S Longstaff

You should be able to feel some side to side play in the pedal. If you can't then it may well be seized on the pivot. If you have a little side to side play, and a return spring, and it still doesn't return then it sounds like problems inside the master cylinder, which may not be affecting the clutch itself once the pedal is fully up or fully down, like a broken return spring or seizing outer seal. Removing the pedal box and the clevis pin 'tween pedal and master push-rod will reveal all.
Paul Hunt

There was virtally no side play so I lubricated
pedal. There was also pitting or rather dimpling on the master cylinder push-rod which I removed. So far pedal operation is smooth, with it "returning" ok as well.

Many thanks.

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