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MG MGB Technical - Clutch pipe m/c to s/c - replace

I need to remove the old clutch pipe m/c to s/c and replace it on a early 74 LHD. It appears to be held down by some of clip to firewall. Does any one out there know how to undo the clip please? Is it simply a case of prizing back some tabs on the clip to release the clamp?

Peter Green

Peter/Paul (& Mary?)

Yes - there are two "tabs" - one either side of the clip. You should only need to release one. There is (or should be) also a P clip attached one of the screws on the heater fan housing you will need to release (holds two pipes), and then there is another of those "tab" clips over by the side of the pedal box too. After that you will need to undo the pipe from the banjo at the end of the clutch master cylinder. You can get at that by removing the big rubber grab grommet in the firewall and come in behind the dash.

Good luck.

Paul Barrow

This thread was discussed on 19/07/2008

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