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MG MGB Technical - clutch problem

Car won't go into gear (grinding badly) have fluid leaking down brake pedal (?).
have had to add small amount of fluid to clutch M/C occassionally. I opened the pedal box don't see any leaks. any ideas? Recommendations?
J Hargrave

If you have a leak of fluid down the pedal you have two choices. Rebuild or replace. May I suggest replace with new.
They are notorius to rebuild.
Sandy Sanders

My guess is the clutch master too.

I agree - a rebuild is the way to go. You needs to bleed it from below, and it is a pain, you might consider a new hose and slave - That way, you will not be back for a while
Frank Baker

Bleeding shouldn't be a pain if you reverse fill it, i.e. from the slave and not the master. The first time I did this I used a gunson's EeziBleed on very low pressure connected to the slave. Then someone suggested connecting the right-hand caliper to the clutch slave and using the *brake* pedal to fill/bleed the clutch, and that was even easier, only takes a few minutes and should give the correct 1/2" to 5/8" of slave piston travel right away.

I would replace rather than rebuild as well, can be a false economy. When replacing the master I also replaced the flex hose and slave, I didn't want the disturbance to the system to upset one of those shortly after (Just done a head gasket replacement on a midget, only for the water pump to start leaking shortly after, as I disturbed the fan-belt amd alternator).

I've never bothered with bench bleeding and never had any problems, they weren't bench bled in the factory from new, and it just seems a messy fiddle to me.
Paul Hunt 2

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