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MG MGB Technical - Clutch Problem

Hi All. I have just purchased an MGB and have had a really good experience with it, untill last night that is.

Car was going along fine, but i did start noticing the clutch getting 'softer' and going into gears with a bit more friction. After parking the car for a while and driving on, it started getting worse until it came to a point where i could not get it into 1st at all and could manage it into reverse with a lot of grinding. Whith car was not running i could get it into 1st with a lot of force. Starting the car with 1st engaged, the car would move forward. I'm thinking that something is not engaging/releasing.

So, having not much mechanical experience and buying the haynes manual, i would like to attempt to fix this myself.

Any suggestions??

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi Rudi. Check fluid level. Most likely cause is slave cylinder leaking. Very common fault. Suggest replace cylinder if you find it leaking, fitting new seals does not always work due to bore corrosion. Also check for master cylinder leaks, usually the fluid runs down back of pedal. Just occasionally the thrust bearing can collapse but you can feel a chatter on the pedal when this occurs if you press it very lightly. Regards Jim
j soutar

If you don't have one yet, you should get the factory workshop manual. One maybe available for your car online at click enter my forums and look under manuals. The manual will have step by step instructions for testing and replacing components.

Thanks. Checked the slave cylinder and its completely empty!

Will also get the manual.

Thanks for the help. Rudi.

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