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MG MGB Technical - clutch pusrod/clevis hook up problem

I'm in the process of replacing clevis pin and slave cylinder pushrod in my 70 B. Im having some difficulty lining up the holes in the slave pushrod and the cluth lever. i have pushed it into the slave as far as it appears to want go and it is misaligned by approx half the diameter of the clevis hole.
Do I need to drain slave?? I also tried to take slave of housing and install pin but i can't align slave bolts to housing. thanking you in advance for your help. Bob J


I the same issue with my 67' B-GT after replacing the clutch. I posted this same question!

My fix was to remove the cap on the clutch master cylinder and push real hard against the push rod.
My guess is that I was trying to compress the air space in the master cylinder with the cap on.
Cap off and all was well.

People said this wasn't the case but it worked for me!


Steve Brooks

Compare the length to your old push rod.
Some of the replacement rods have been known to be about 1/4" too long.


With the slave linkages connected you *must* be able to push the pushrod and piston a bit further into the cylinder or the clutch won't be fully engaged with the pedal fully released.

FWIW whilst modern cars may have a membrane inside the cap that prevents air exchange but still allows the fluid level internally to rise and fall i.e. from heat expansion and contraction, even late MGBs have straight-through caps, as I found out when changing pads and pushing the pistons back having forgotten to remove some fluid first!
Paul Hunt

thank-you I will use a c clamp to push the pushrod in just further to line up and make sure there is room for dislpaced fluid to move.
Bob J
R Jorglewich

I'm no Popeye, but I can push them back by hand no problem, just needs firm steady pressure, not just a quick hard push.
Paul Hunt

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