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MG MGB Technical - clutch release bearing change

I think by release bearing has just given up! I can select all gears with engine off and clutch depressed but with engine running as soon as I depress clutch I get a horrible clanking noise. Now, I don't habve facility space etc to do this so now shopping for a fixer. A couple of questions:
1 which release bearing is best? Carbon or roller and if carbon then pinned or bonded?
2. Who is best supplier? (UK based :))
3. Any suggestions on good workshops in Bath/ Chippenham area?
B Anderson

I believe the general consensus is to avoid the pinned type, as they crack and fall apart.
Dave O'Neill2

Definitely avoid the pinned type - if anyone still has one and tries to foist it off on you.

Generally speaking the carbon bearing is perfectly satisfactory, and should outlast the friction plate, IF you don't habitually ride the clutch while driving or sit at traffic lights with the clutch disengaged. Roller bearing types are quite a bit more expensive, and you would be foolish to leave an old one of those in there the next time you change the clutch. After release bearing failure soon after I got my roadster I opted for a roller bearing, which started wittering with the pedal down about an inch or so soon after fitting. Then I started to read about the need for a pull-off spring to stop the bearing continually rotating, which wears them out! Supplier claimed to have no knowledge of problems with the bearing, or the pull-off spring. Fortunately it never got any worse, and it was only a couple of years ago I noticed it had stopped wittering, which made me equally nervous! Wouldn't use one again. Having said that V8s and midget 1500s and others have a roller bearing as standard, and I wouldn't put a carbon in place of one of those.

Given the work involved unless you know the clutch itself is nearly new (in which case you need to know why the release bearing has failed) you should replace the whole thing which comes as a three-part kit of friction plate, pressure plate and release bearing, and use Borg and Beck.
Paul Hunt

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