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MG MGB Technical - Clutch Return Spring?

I was looking at the old throwout bearing that came out of my MGB when I added my Over Drive transmission recently and I noticed it was worn at an angle like it had been held on a belt sander at a 15 degree angle.
Then I noticed there is no return spring on the clutch engagement arm that holds the throwout bearing, so I'm wondering if the bearing was in constant contact with the clutch cover causing the strange wear pattern?

Has anyone fit a return spring to this arm in the past?
Good idea? Bad idea?


Bill Mertz

Bill. No need for a return spring on the clutch fork when using the factory carbon release bearing.

As to the odd angle, without looking at your pieces, it is difficult to make a judgment. In the past, I have seen odd wear patterns associated with clutch forks which have worn holding areas for the arms on the throwout bearing, spring clips which did not hold the throwout bearing securely to the clutch form (this is becoming more common as the new spring clips do not seem to hold as well as the original ones did) and worn bushing in the clutch fork where it rides on the pivot bolt. Thus, without examination of the pieces involved, it is difficult to make any decisions about which of these variables, singly or in combination, might have caused the situation.

Les Bengtson

It's just a thought, but the clutch pedal is supposed to have a return spring just like the brake pedal. If the little tag it connects to has broken off then maybe the spring itself has been discarded and if so could that lead to excessive wear on the bearing ?
Miles Banister

Lack of a *pedal* pull-off spring will add a bit of pressure on the release bearing. They are however designed to be in contact with the cover plate all the time, in fact there is a spring inside the slave cylinder to ensure this is the case. This maintains the biting and release point as the release bearing and anything else at that end) wears, and if there is any crankshaft fore and aft movement.

Some people say roller bearing release bearings should have a pull-off spring at the slave end, and they also need a stop as well or you get a very low biting points. But midget 1500, factory V8, and other BL products have a roller or ball bearing release bearing with no pull-off spring.
Paul Hunt

See this (and scroll to the bottom of the page):

As I was curious, I fab'd my own version of this
kit. It works, but keep in mind that the clutch
pedal travel is increased a tad bit.
Daniel Wong

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