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MG MGB Technical - clutch slave cyl piston???

I just tore down the slave cylinder for my clutch and the piston has some pitting with very slight rust. Should I chemically remove the rust and polish the piston, or replace the whole unit? I'm not certain what the tolerances are to necessitate replacement. The body seems ok. The minor corrosion on the aluminum was removed with no pitting. Does anyone make a replacement piston?
Jeff Schlemmer

Jeff; I wouldn't think piston pitting is a serious problem, providing the seal and cylinder are good. If it were mine I would try a new repair kit and see what happens. FWIW, Clifton
Clifton Gordon

The pitting and rust are inconsequential - the piston should just be lightly cleaned with carbide paper and the piston given a light coat of brake cylinder grease.
Chris at Octarine Services

Thanks guys. I can always count on good help on this BBS. It would cost a fortune to get this kind of help locally - and it wouldn't be as accurate!
Jeff Schlemmer

This thread was discussed between 07/11/2004 and 08/11/2004

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