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MG MGB Technical - Clutch slave yuck

Primarily due to advice on this ring, I rebuilt my clutch master and slave cylinder on my 67 GT. master cylinder looked very good, clean and minial wear. On the slave, When I pulled the front boot off, the area in front of the piston where the pushrod goes was full of black gunk. It was black clumps of something. At first I thought it was rubber particles, but the boot is not deteriorated.

Can't figure how anything could get in this area. Both the outer and inner seal rings were in plane on the boot.

Rest of the slave was good, once I got the piston out, cylinder was clean.
Bruce Cunha

Hi Bruce, No problem, this would have been castor oil base grease (red rubber grease) filling the boot and now just hardened and mucky. All new cylinder boots used to be filled with it at build/rebuid but it doesn't seem to be used much now on new ones. Clean all parts with meths or brake fluid but not any mineral fluids. Rich.


Thanks Rich.

Figured as it was on the pushrod side, it would not affect the operation. Just wondered what it was and where it came from.

Your information is appreciated.
Bruce Cunha

Ah...I think your flex line is plugged.

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