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MG MGB Technical - Clutch trouble

Having just renewed the clutch on my 1500 midget the GT took the hump and promptly had an "anything the midget can do, I can do better" and threw the clutch.
I understood that the engine in the B had to be removed as for the midget, but I have been informed that this job can be done by removing the gearbox.
Can anybody confrm that it can be done this way or am I going to have to remove the engine.
Thanks and regards

It is apparantly possible to do the clutch on a 4 sync non OD car, but the other the engine has to come out. All garages will say engine out as this will be quicker than attempting to remove the gearbox from underneath, and so cheaper. Unless you really can't get and engine crane then whip the engine out (leave the gearbox in). It should only take you a day.

67 BGT
I D Cameron


Popular opinion is "engine out". Having only done it this was on a 73 MGB, I wouldn't dream of trying to do it with engine in. I have just done a clutch change on a 75 TR6 with engine in - the gearbox comes out from inside the car. It was a pain. Maybe with a hoist the "engine in" option would be less difficult.

Good luck.

BJ Quartermaine

This thread was discussed on 23/05/2007

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