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MG MGB Technical - Clutching for support!

Hi All,
I am about to have a slighted tuned 1860cc engine with fast road cam and slighted tweaked unleaded head built. I am hoping for maybe 105hp. My question is will a standard good quality clutch be ok or do I need some thing stronger. If so what and from where?
Thanks for any help
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Even the Vauxhall Chevette was using 20/50 oil in its gearbox in the 1980s!

A lot of old british morcycles also used 20/50 oil widely - in the engine and gearbox.

Straight single viscosity oil was common pre 1960 but when multigrade oils became available a lot of manufacturers changed to them.

Oops, wrong thread, I think
Dave O'Neill 2

Standard clutch will be fine.
But if you go for a decent exhaust system, with some gas flowing, bulleted valve guides, 3 angle valve seats, K & N's and richer needles you might see more than 105 bhp
Allan Reeling

Standard clutch will take a supercharger, but the OD may suffer over time. Having said that there are uprated clutches available.

I've been using the HD Borg and Beck clutch behind my supercharged 1860 cc engine since the early '90s. It requires less effort than a stock unit and uses a roller ball throwout bearing. Truly a great unit for just a bit more money. A good investment. RAY
rjm RAY

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'Ware the roller bearing release bearing! Unless the release arm holds it concentric with the first-motion shaft you get rapid wear, mine didn't last more than five years of average mileage before it seized and completely wrecked the cover-plate when the friction plate was barely half worn. As the previous graphite bearing also broke up (the casting) I looked at things very closely, to find the bearing offset from the shaft by about 3/16" and did some work to centralise it. Don't go by modern cars using them, like the midget 1500 and factory V8 they have a carrier which keeps them concentric with the shaft at all times and the problem doesn't occur. Some people say their MGB has no problems with a roller bearing, and it won't - IF the alignment is such that it is concentric.

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