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MG MGB Technical - Cobra Roadster 7 seats?

Has anyone fitted the Cobra Roadster 7 seats to a B? If so, are they comfortable, and did they mount easily?

Jeff Schlemmer

Hi Jeff

A friend of mine has these seats in a midget & yes they are comfortable. But - These seats are designed to be supported by a bulkhead at the back as they do not have sufficient side supports for the back. They may be OK for road use although the back is likely to be very flexible & would not provide any protection in an accident. The definately would not be permitted for competition use. I have fitted OMP Eco seats in my BGT, which I find comfortable. I have bolted mine directly to the floor, but you can get adjustable runners for the which make it possible to alter the position for other drivers. The only other seat that I could find that will fit easily into a B is the Ridgard seat, which is a very good seat, although quite expensive.
IR Tapner

IR Tapna, do you have any pics of the seats in your car?
j w mcglynn


Have a look at the Corbeau classic seats, they come with or without headrests, have good side support, suit the car and sub frames are available. contact

K.R Jackson

Why is it that all the good seats are made in the UK? Prices, of course, are substantially higher here. Keep the great ideas rolling. I love the look of the classic styles. I just wish they offered a little more lateral support - other than at the hips. I considered the Sparco Roadster seat too, but it looks more conteporary and isn't race legal.
Jeff Schlemmer

Jeff, I found that some seats with the 'wings' up near the shoulders won't fit because of interference with the cockpit side. I tried a pair of APC seats in both my Midget and MGA, wouldn't fit either.
Bill Young

At the Glen there was a stretched Cobra with about 7 seats :)
Mike MaGee

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