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MG MGB Technical - Cold starting, you guys were right!

I should have known, in the category "you learn something new every day". I took my '73 B to work today and started it cold, choke out, without touching the throttle, and it started just fine. In fact it seems like it might start just a tad sooner, its tough to tell though. I had always owned cars with fixed jet cabs and automatic chokes before buying the MGB in June of '73. I was in the habit of pressing on the accelerator to start those cars and carried that over to the MGB, for 39 years. Good one! It doesn't seem like throttle will prevent it from starting cold, since it never did prevent it, unless maybe you floored it?


L Poupard

Hi Ralph, thanks for posting. A nice thing to see,is it Damask Red, usually black trim with that colour.
Stan Best


Great looking car, like the colour as well. Where are you located in Canada? My wife and I visited Winnipeg quite often when we were stationed (USAF) in North Dakota many years ago. Plan to revisit in the B/GT when we retire.


Larry C. '69 midget (BRG), '74 B/GT (GW)
Larry C '69 Midget

I was away for a few days and didn't get a chance to check in. Yes, the colour is the original Damask Red. The interior trim is Navy Blue as it was originally. It was resprayed last summer. We were on our way to Reno Nevada for MG 2011, waiting at US Customs at the Detroit border. Suddenly a huge pickup truck ahead of us, decided the line was moving too slowly and decided to back up to switch lanes. (Not usually a good idea unless you like getting sent to secondary) Being so low he didn't see us and backed into the front of our B, despite us laying on the horn and waving frantically. It missed everything lower down, but bent the bonnet and grille. The bonnet was still operable after a little prying so we finished the 5100 mile trip and had it repaired when we returned. The remainder of the paint was so old - it would have shown- so I decided to have the remainder of the car done also.
Larry, we live in Essex, Ontario about 30 miles from the border between Windsor and Detroit.

L Poupard

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