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MG MGB Technical - complete headlamp change

hi there,

could someone help me about my headlamp... it was completely rotten so i took all off and bought the headlamp bowl and the sealed beam unit both completely rotten so the problem is how can I make the wires and the connector going through this so small hole in the headlamp bowl, can you took off the wires from the connector? as i can't find another solution to that (or cut the wires??!)
thanks a lot

Alexia, disconnect the wires at the other end and under the bonnet slam panel. There are three bullet connectors, then draw the rubber grommet and cables out of the old bowl and replace in new one. Fit, rewire and have the beams set.
Iain MacKintosh

The wires and contacts will come out of the connector. There will be a spring clip holding them in. Have a good look but I think you just need a very small screwdriver to reach into the connector to push back the clip.
Steve Postins


thanks a lot for you quick answers I'll try the two solutions and find the easiest one to do with the state of my car.... Iain I'll try to find the other end of the wires under the bonnet !!:) wise solution I didn't even think about it!!

Alexia, Steve is spot on with his solution as well just take a very thin screwdriver and you will get there.
Iain MacKintosh

Check the old and new bowls carefully, replacements supposedly for the MGB I got had the screw-fitting for the headlamp ring as used on other BL models whereas it needs the spring-clip. Fortunately mine were OK to transfer over.
Paul Hunt

If you disconnect the wires under the bonnet tie a piece of string to the end before you pull them out. Untie it when the wires come free and leave in place to pull them back when you've finished making the connection on the lamp.
V Todman

ok, I tried to push with a fine screwdriver but it seems pretty stuck so I had a look under the bonnet and the wires are connected to the wires of the other headlamp and it's quite a mess so should I disconnect the entire headlamps wires ?, well I didn't dare to go further .... will try again the screw solution..

Alexia, the wires are connected to the other headlamp only through the loom. There are bullet connectors around the horn area. Trace the cable coming in through the inner wing in the top corner under the slam panel and you'll find them.
Steve's way should work as well. Have a look at the new harnesses and poke a thin screwdriver in from the lamp end but between the back of the spade and the plastic. Push down the tang whilst pilling the wire from the other end. Put it back together and now try this on dirty ones on the car.
Iain MacKintosh

Hi Alexia. Sorry I can't help you any more than the guys already have (only got my first MGB in November)but just out of interest where abouts on Guernsey are you? My wife would be interested to know as she worked/lived there for about 4 years in the 80's. Hope you dont mind my asking!

pj orme

oh well Peter,
I just join the island last july for 1 1/2 year contract and am living in St Peter Port ,it's quite nice here ! And the first thing I've done was to buy an MGB GT in october.... and try to restore it as a winter project (perfect activity here). Thanks Iain I'll try what you said!

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