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MG MGB Technical - Cooling Fan sizing

Hi - A midget interloper here.

I've just incorrectly ordered a fan for my Midget that's too big. Before I swap it, a friend has expressed interest for his B. I just want to check its suitable.

Its a Spal 255mm Blower (2552B) that's rated at 1150 m3/hr

Is that enough airflow for a standard 1800 B ?
Are electric fans normally mounted before or behind a B radiator ?


Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

OEM electric fans - standard equipment on later model cars only - were pushers, and while US (or all NA?) cars were equipped with 2 fans, the rest of the world got by with one. The volume of air you're talking about here is decent and shouldn't be a problem at all, and as you likely already know, Spal is a decent brand.

As to whether this particular fan will fit, that's a 10" fan so width-wise it's a good fit for a B. The main issue is depth. If there's room in your friend's B (this is model-year dependent) then the ideal arrangement is to hook it up as a puller. If there's no room behind the radiator then this would be okay as a pusher, although not as effecient.


Rick Stevens

I've got a 12" 'sucker' Spal on my V8 roadster, the radiator would take a 14" (just) I reckon.
M Barnfather

Factory V8s and '76-on cars got taller radiators. Early cars have a ~10.5" high core, whereas later ones are more like 14". It's worth checking which year car your friend has.

On an early car, I can't think why it wouldn't fit in front of the rad, just like the aftermarket kenlowe ones do. Not sure about later ones, might be a clearance issue with the slam panel?

Oliver Stephenson

Thanks All.

Its an early '73. (For those in the UK, it misses the tax-free dates by 15 days). He's mentioned that once or twice ;-)

It would be a perfect fit for a 10.5" tall rad. If the kenlowe's mount in front OK then I'm sure this will with some suitable bracketry.
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

This thread was discussed on 30/01/2007

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